Snowman Trek

The Snowman Trek is an extension of the beautiful Laya Gasa Trek, Starts from Paro and leads through the most remote areas up to very high altitudes like Jomolhari, Lingshi, Laya and continue to Lunana , Trekkers have to camp in altitudes above Alt: 4905m /16088ft. for more than once depending on the seasonal temperatures, the camps are sometimes on snow. The Lonely Planet describes the Snowman Trek as one of the most difficult treks in the world.

Grade: Strenuous
Tour duration: 27Nights
Distance: 216.7miles/ 349.5km.
Season: (June, Sept, Oct)

Outline Itinerary:

Day1. Arrive to Paro : Overnight at hotel. Alt: 2235m/ 7330ft.

Day2. Taksang hike. (Tigers Nest ) Shana camp, Alt: 9480ft / 2890m.

Day3. Shana to Soi ThangThangka. 8hr. 13.6miles / 22km. Overnight at camp. Alt: 11,730ft/3575m.

Day4. Soi Thang Thangka to Jangothang. 4 to 5hr. 10.5miles / 17km.
base camp, Alt. 13260ft/4044m.

Day5. Day Halt – Explore in Jangothang: Overnight at camp: Alt. 13260ft/4044m.

Day6. Jangothang to Lingshi. 5 to 6 hrs / 13 miles / 21km. Camp, Alt: 13,150ft/4010 m.

Day7. Lingshi to Chebisa. 4 to 5 hr. 10mile/15km. Camp, Alt: 3990 m /13,090 ft.

Day8. Chebisa to Shakyapasang. 6 hr. 9 miles /14.5km. Camp, Alt: 13120ft/ 4000m.

Day9. Shakyapasang to Robluthang. 7 to 8 hr. 10 miles / 16km. Camp. Alt: 13,645ft/4160m.

Day10. Robluthang to Limithang. 6 to 7hrs. 8.5miles / 14km. camp Alt: 4160m /13,645ft.

Day11. Limithang to Laya. 4 hrs, 5 miles. 9km. Camp,Alt: 12,465ft/3800m.

Day12. Rest day at Laya : Overnight at camp. Alt: 12,465ft / 3800.

Day13. Laya to Rodophu: 7 to 8 hr, 9miles/14.5km. Camp. Alt:13825ft/4215m.

Day14. Rodophu to Narethang : 7 to 8 hr, 10miles/16km. Alt, gain: 2375ft725m. Alt,loss: Very little. Camp, Alt:16,200ft/4905m.

Day15. Narethang to Tarina : 6 to 7hr. 10miles/16km. Alt, gain: 265ft/80m. Alt, loss: 1082m / 3350ft. Camp, Alt:12,915ft/3938m.

Day16. Tarina to Woche: 5 to 6hr, 8 miles / 14km. Alt,gain:740ft/225m. Alt,loss: Nil. Campsite, Alt:13,655ft / 4,163m.

Day17. Woche to Lhedi : 5 to 6hr, 8miles/13km. Alt,gain:1650ft/503m. Alt,loss:2510ft/765m. Camp, Alt:12,790ft/3900m.

Day18. Lhadi to Thanza : 6 to 7hr, 10 miles /17km. Alt,gain:720ft /219m. Alt,loss: Nil. Camp. Alt:13,450ft/4100m.

Day19. Rest day at Thanza: Overnight at Camp. Alt: 4100m /13,450ft

Day20. Thanza to Djundji : 4hr, 4 miles / 7 km. Alt,gain:1640ft/500m. Alt,loss: Nil. Camp. Alt: 14,890ft/4540m.

Day21. Djundji to Tsho Chena: 5hr, 5.6miles/9km. Alt,gain:2001/610m. Alt,loss:625ft/190m. Camp, Alt: 16272ft/4960m.

Day22. Tsho Chena to Jichu Dramo: 7 to 8hr, 12 miles/19km. Alt,gain:605ft/85m. Alt,loss: 280ft/85m. Camp, Alt:16,595/5060m.

Day23. Jichu Dramo to Chukarpo: 7 to 8hr, 12 miles/19 km. Alt,gain:870ft/265m. Alt,loss:2870ft/875m. Camp, Alt: 15,910ft/4850m.

Day24. Chukarpo to Thampoe Tsho: 5 to 6hr, 9 miles/15 km. Alt,gain:1000ft/305m. Alt,loss:1310ft/400m. Alt:14,285ft/4355m.

Day25. Thampoe Tsho to Maurothang: 5 to 6hr, 13miles/21km. Alt,gain:1015ft/310m. Alt,loss:3165ft/965m. Camp. Alt:12,130ft/3698m.

Day26. Maurothang to Nikka Chhu: 5hr, 14.5miles/23.5km. Alt,gain: Small climb. Alt,loss: 3510ft/1070m. Punakha, overnight at hotel. Alt:3936ft /1200m.

Day27. Punakha to Paro: 4hr / 135km. Paro for overnight. Alt: 2235m / 7330ft.

Day28. Airport drop.